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Crash Dance

Saturday, April 11th

Crash Dance

A new collaborative dance project using projections, art installations, dancers, and underground music to transform San Francisco's newest event space into a new type of a show-- an interactive artistic experience and party called CRASH DANCE.

This project takes a contemporary dance performance out of the traditional context of a theater, taking over The Village, San Francisco's first digital arts event venue, and transforming it via set design and installations including but not limited to a life-size car hung from the ceiling and moving car seats for guests to be pushed on through the space by the dancers.

The mid-Market corridor is in flux and ripe for art, tech, and local flavor to intersect. Dance organizations have few resources and face challenges in finding useable space during an expensive rent climate.  Simultaneously, young tech companies, urban hipsters, and fresh entrepreneurs are a fast growing population in SF  When you combine the wants and needs of both, everyone wins.  Crash Dance will offer the next generation a way to experience a highly professional, fierce, sexy, engaging dance performance in a fresh and accessible way. Consumption of art is changing, with new demographics steering clear of "sit-down, 2 hour modern dance shows", creating a curiosity to explore new methods of delivery.  In our approach we hope to simultaneously activate and re-purpose a desirable, urban space into a performance venue, create a conduit between community and art, and create visibility for dance.

CRASH DANCE began as an investigation of our societies relationship to risk and danger  at once we do everything in our power to create perceived safety, while concurrently being forever lured and fascinated by risk and danger.  How do we explore this through a compelling concept, set design, and dance pieces, while also exploring new models (all be it risky models) for sharing the results of this investigation?  We will create dance vignettes that address relationships and experiences surrounding this broad concept while utilizing a 70's aesthetic (including smashed disco balls) coupled with crashed car parts, hot-rod inspired paint jobs, back seats of vehicles, rearview mirrors and headlights to create an artistic world that the audience drops into.  Dancers will wear "mechanics coveralls" re-imagined, while dancing in Printz Dance Project's hybrid style that blends athletic yet sensual contemporary dance with elements of hip-hop and jazz.  10-15 minute vignettes will unfold throughout the evening, taking people on a journey while still affording breaks for grabbing another drink, talking to friends or grooving in the space to the DJ's selections.  We are lining up some of the best DJ's in the Bay to be on the decks.

THE VILLAGE is San Francisco's first digital arts exhibition venue designed to connect a new generation of artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs through art, tech, industry resources and events. With over 17,000 sqft throughout a three floor space plan, located in the heart of downtown San Francisco --- a place like no other in the city that is the layer cake of all walks of life.

PRINTZ DANCE PROJECT is a non-profit dance company based in SF.  Under the artistic direction of Stacey Printz, the company has performed nationally and internationally for the past 14 years.  PRINTZ is also a highly sought after teacher, having taught classes across the globe  currently on staff at Lines Dance Center, teaching for the masters program at ACT, and guest choreographing for world renowned writer/poetry slam artist Marc Bamuthi Joseph.  
SEAN RILEY: master rigger and set designer worked for National Geographic Channel, as host of the engineering show "Worlds Toughest Fixes" which features Riley and the world of rigging and industrial repair on the most challenging projects around the globe.  He has done countless projects locally with a wide array of artists including Zaccho Dance Theater, Cirque Mechanics, Jo Krieter and Flyaway Productions, Pickle Family Circus, Scandals Cabaret, Kimbals East, Joe Goode, Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, Bandaloop, CircoZero, Aloysha, Ben Mendoza, Nickle and Dimed (Brava),Events Managment Inc

We want patrons to feel like a part of something fresh, where they want to hang with their friends on more than one occasion while sparking new interest in art, culture and connection in the heart of Market Street.

The Village
Printz Dance Project

Lead Artists:
Stacey Printz + Sean Riley
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